G2 and G3 Visualization errors

This Gcode does not display correctly - the code in line 15,16, 18, 22 and 23 is not drawn.

It displays correctly in Simplify3D

G90 ;absolute position
M82 ;absolute extrusion
G21        ;metric values
G90        ;absolute positioning
G1 F5000 ; set speed
; tool H83.333333 W1.666667
; layer 0, Z = 83.333333
G92 E0
          G1 X254.485375 Y133.030187 E183.495697
          G1 X254.460898 Y134.174997 E185.785995
G92 E0
        G1 X222.625849 Y88.408158 Z83.333306
        G1 X225.481724 Y86.176904 E3.624157
        G2 X225.768972 Y83.837450 I-1.026102 J-1.313351 E6.242151
        G1 X223.716681 Y81.210637 E9.575624
        G2 X221.377449 Y80.923214 I-1.313351 J1.026102 E12.193337
        G1 X218.491766 Y83.176972 E15.854838
G92 E0
        G1 X167.449535 Y53.891326 Z83.333306
        G1 X167.449535 Y49.576394 E4.314932
        G2 X165.783079 Y47.909727 I-1.666667 J0.000000 E6.932714
        G1 X160.976243 Y47.909118 E11.739551
G92 E0
        G1 X201.568532 Y69.821460 Z83.333306
          G1 X201.568532 Y69.821460 E0.494845
          G1 X201.985960 Y69.555705 E0.983927


  • Ok, could replay the error. Happened only in preview and not in print. Have it fixed for preview for next release.
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