Nozzle Crashs into Bed

I have a Da Vinci Duo 2.0A which I have flashed with Repetier. On the laptop, I use Windows7 Repetier to control the printer.
The automatic calibration I have run which has led to a good result. All three values are almost identical (Z1: - 6.079 mm, Z2: - 6.089 mm, Z3: - 6.084 mm).
If I click on Home in Repetier, then the head moves to the far right and front. The print bed starts up. The printhead is next to the print bed. The print bed is higher from the nozzles.
If I drive manually over Repetier the bed down and position the nozzles over the bed to carefully drive up again. Repetier shows a value of 1.50mm if I can just push a business card in between.
Where do I have to enter the correction value?
If I manually start the G-code I wrote for the start (heating up and trial printing), the nozzle collides with the print bed.
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  • If it homes to z max you need to change z length in eeprom to stop at right height.
  • Z Max I determine by manually with Repetier the bed as far down as it is possible with the software? But there is the problem, in the eeprom are already registered for the printer values. The printer can be moved by software only in this area. For example, 200 was entered as the x value here. So I could only move the nozzles to x = 199. I put that on 201 to get to 200 mm. I have in Repetier (Printer Settings, Printer Shape) for Home X; Y and Z = 0. XMin = 0, XMax = 201, Bed Left = 50, YMin = 0, YMax = 200, BedFront = 0. PrintArea Width / Depth / Height = 150/200/200. Is that correct first?
    In the eeprom settings in the printer: Xmin pos = 0, Ymin pos = 0, Z min pos = 0. Xmax length = 201, Ymax length = 204, Zmax length = 201.

    Where is something to enter now? I'm just a bit confused.
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    I changed Zmin to -1.50mm now. When I click on Home, the bed is still moving so high that it's higher than the extruder. So he drives to the sensor of the printer. The display of the printer shows Z -1.50 (Home Z). If I manually move the bed down by 1 mm then the display jumps to Z = 0.00. The bed drive up is then no longer possible with the manual control, since apparently Zmin attacks.
    Is it normal for him to go to absolute 0 via the home button?
  • Please tell us first how printer homes min/max? Also z min should always be 0 for printers. If max x is 200 you can move until 200 no need to set it 201. 
    If printer homes to min (nozzle touches bed) you need to calibrate min endstop to stop at right place. For max as I said change z length in eeprom and set same value to z home in host.
  • I have just started the printer and made a picture of the display with the nozzles. At the point where he is yesterday was approached with the home button. Z = 0 is currently shown on the display, but the nozzle is below the bed. This works only because x and y before it is driven to 0. The printhead stands next to the bed.

    I start Repetier host, connect with the printer and click again on the Home Button, then I have the following in the display.

    My values ​​currently in the eeprom from the printer are as follows (from yersterday):

    If I set ZMin to 0 or even 1.6mm then the printer still drives the table too high so that the nozzles are deeper than the bed.

    If I manually drive the bed 1mm down, then Z jumps from -1.60 to 0. The printer does not drive down the one millimeter but so that it is in the allowed range. Nozzle and bed then has the correct distance.

    Do I have to drive down the bed 1.6mm in the start code at the beginning? How can I tell the printer that from 0 applies?

    Sorrey i have tryed to put the Pictures as link, but the Preview shows me nothing.

  • PLEASE answer if you home to zmin or zmax. That is crucial to know where the problem lies as I already told you.
    If that is position after homing (touching bed) you home to z min and your z min endstop just ttriggers 1.6mm to late and you have to recalibrate that it gets activated earlier. That is all. Never let homing first crush into bed and then relax. Also that is possible it will sooner or later damage something. You can for this reason adjust endstops or tighten bed screws so bed goes down 1.6mm more. This is then a hardware problem that needs to be fixed in hardware.
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