Priming Filament Extrusion Test

Hi! I just got my Tevo Tornado and tested it today. My filament does not seem to come out the nozzle. So ;
1. I lifted Z axis to see the nozzle
2. Checked settings ( PLA - 1.75mm, Nozzle temp - 210 degrees )
3. Checked clogged by inserting a thin wire - the thin wire goes all the way through the nozzle to the tubing
4. Extruder is running good forwards and backwards..... BUT
5. once the filament reaches the nozzle, the filament wont go through .... Then if I
6. Retract back Extruder at that condition, it pulls the filament nice and easy...

What seems to be the problem guys ! HELP :-(


  • When motor is on, how easy is it to extract filament? The question here is do you have force on it, which is required to put it through nozzle, or is it just enough force to move it without resistance.

    If it is the later case it could be motor not getting enough current (most drivers can adjust this) or the drive has no force on filament and can slip through with the motor not moving when on.
  • Initially when the motor is on, its not extracting any filament.... Then i manually pushed the filament at just the right amount of pressure then filament gets extracted. Now filament is moving out he nozzle.

    So, i tried extruding the motor and it seems to work.

    I tried to print afterwards but the no filament is moving out the nozzle. At the extruder, the locking mechanism keeps on ticking. At times giving way so that the filament pushes back.
  • Maybe you are printing too low. If you are touching bed you can not extrude as bed closes extruder and motor makes the ticking sounds. These are steps lost. 
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