Bltouch z probe as z min endstop

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 I amtrying to use the bltouch sensor as both z probe and endstop. I can make it work as z probe, since I can write in the firmware the start script to make the sensor pin down/up. BUT.. I am wondering how to make the sensor pin go down when I tell the printer to home the Z axis. Since the start z probe script is to tell it to be up and lower the pin when starting probing, how do I tell to put pin down when homing, so the extuder nozzle does not hit the heat bed?


  • Make sure z min pin and z probe pin are identical. That should make firmware run the start script as well for z probing. Also make sure to use homing order with preheat so you can define a position to probe so activating z probe works. Set preheat temperature to 0.
  • Thanks,
     I will try your instructions.
  • Hello
     Where do I set the preheat temp to 0?
    On the other hand... It does not work. 
    I have plugged the sensor to the Zmin, and assigned the  z probe pin to the z min pin. Then, when I tell the printer to home Z, It homes X, Y, and beging moving z in a strange way:
    -It lowers Z a little
    - It rises Z by some cm
    -Then it begins lowering Z
    And it stops where the Z axis was when I turned on the printer, (where repetier thinks the Z=0 is). It does not lower the Z until it finds an endstop,without using the Sensor.
    I am missing someting?
  • In config tool when you select the homing order the fields appear.

    I did mean to use z min pin directly, what I meant is you need to say you have a z min endstop and use the same pin for this as for z probe, so firmware knows they are identical.
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