Tronxy X1 suddenly X axis misbehaving

I am new to 3D printing and am trying to figure out the first weird bug I've hit. After printing okay for a while, I had one mysterious problem, and while trying to figure it out, I missed that the bed was getting out of adjustment, and had one print with the extruder dragging on the print bed when it got past the middle of X axis, and didn't notice until it had gone on for a while. When I came back to it to try again, I started having weird X axis problems. It would start up when told to print by running the X axis all the way to the far end (160mm plus) at high speed and trying to keep going until unplugged.

After retrying and having the same thing happen, I told it to print the original sample file that came with the printer, to eliminate variables. This time, it did its homing routine, then ran X out to the end, but at normal, slow speed. That only happened once. Since then it has gone back to doing that at full speed.

Home All and Home X work fine, but starting from Home, sometimes the X position reads as a gigantic number the instant it leaves the limit switch. And sometimes, if you use the X position fast control, it zooms all the way to max X, and tries to keep going, again until it is unplugged.

It seems like there is an issue with the board not recognizing the X position correctly, but I don't know enough about this to be sure of what errors I should be looking for. I checked the connectors on XPOS and XEND, and they seem fine. I don't know if this is a way stepper motors can fail, or if a connection is more likely the culprit, or one of the controllers on the board, or even the firmware. (The only reason I'm wondering about the firmware is that the previous problem, before this arose, was so bizarre: it apparently ignored all steps related to external walls of the part it was printing, and only printed the infill, resulting in a strange lacy lattice where the thin walls of the part should be.) I also don't know if this is a reasonable place to ask these questions, so forgive me if there's some place better for that. I would like to find a good forum of X1 users.


  • This does in deed not sound like a host problem. Host just sends command firmware of printer executes. I did not really understand your error, just that x moves wrong and does not stop. So the big question is if your steps per mm are maybe just wrong. Often they get set by microswitches. And if you had 100 steps/mm with 16 microsteps and not it says 2 microsteps this would mean 8 times the distance with 8 times the speed. Since you did not change anything that would at least make sense. Try moving 10mm at slow speed and see how far it moves in reality to see if this can be.
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