Z offset not working in ver101 will not go below zero

Using ver0.92.9 I would run
g28 x0 y0
g0 x110 y110
g28 z0
then I would move the extruder down to set the extruder height usually -1.12
then I would set the z offset to the value I needed and i could print.
With ver 101 I cant do that. The extruder will not move below 0. when I set the offset in the firmware the extruder will not approach the bed and stays above the bed at zero.
Am I missing anything. I have check endstops off.
I liked the function to set it using the LCD because I could raise it a bit for the PETG when I needed it.
Thanks for any help


  • With commands send
    G1 S1
    to disable target position testing, which is what prevents the move I think.

  • I finally had time to flash the newest version of repetier firmware again and try setting the Z offset using the G1 S1 command. AND....fail. Using G1 Z-1 S1 the extruder will move below the endstop BUT every command seems to need the S1 added to it for it to work which is completely useless. In version 0.92.9 I did not have a problem at all. My extruder is 1.12 mm up from when the Z endstop is triggered so I need to lower the extruder 1.12mm and set the offset to be able to print at all. In the new version I can not move the extruder below the Z endstop and even if I set the offset the extruder will not drop below the Z endstop. I know it is a "safety" feature but it is pretty useless if it doesn't allow me to print at all. I have tried setting the Z offset with both the control panel and in the firmware, neither work to get the extruder to the go below the Z endstop to print properly. Am I missing something in the setup? 
  • Is this a mechanical switch type endstop or a probe ?
  • I am using a probe. The frustrating thing is that 0.92.9 worked great but the newest version is broken. After trying the new version and realizing the z offset doesn't work I put 0.92.9 back on and everything worked again. I switched to a inductive probe so I could set the offset using the software rather than trying to dial in the perfect height with a screw. 
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