How to setup Repetier firmware with RUMBA broad and Diamond 3 in and 1 out extruder?

edited March 2018 in Repetier-Firmware
Dear respected friends, I am new in 3D printing. 
For last few months, I am working on 3D printing. In my 3D printer, I am using RUMBA bord and Diamond 3 in and 1 out extruder. 
I am also using Repetier firmware and Repetier Host. 
MY Printer dimension is X-axis 1000mm, Y-axis 700mm and Z-axis 600mm 
But I am facing some problem to setup Repetier firmware. Please sir, I am begging for help.

Please sir, Help me. I will be grateful to you.


  • I guess it will help if you describe the problem you face. We can not give complete settings - thats why we have tutorials and documentation, but if you have a specific problem at some point we may be able to help.
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