Negative offset z probing problems !


I've been updating my old Hesine M505 (I3 clone) and wanted to add a spare BLTOUCH.
My bltouch work and nearly everything work fine except some essential feature :
when I hit home X or Y button, it goes to mecanical endstop then add the offset of the nozzle so everything fine
but when I hit home Z, X move in the X wrong direction from a few mm (offset is X -30 Y -15 and also in the eeprom)
for home all it's even worse : x goes to zero without adding offset, Y does the same and the BLTOUCH start the probing process far from the bed...

What can I do to correct this ?


  • DO I understand this correctly?
    G28 does work as expected
    G28 Z0 after G28 X0 Y0 does not add offset.

    Which version are you using?
  • no, nothing work correctly...
    I tried 1.0.1 and 1.0.1 dev
    G28 = X0 YO then z up 1cm then goes down without offset. after z probing with my finger to avoid disaster, the nozzle offset is added... but not the probe offset

    I need the nozzle and probe offset to be added before z goes down...
  • All corrections are added in one move at the end. Make sure to use homing order with preheat to select a good position to enable z probe offsets. There you can also say to go up first. For more analysis I have no data. Still not sure where the problem is, but that is how it works for those having it running. 
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