How to change filament mid print?

I'm using the latest Repetier firmware and host to control a Tronxy P802MA. Slic3r to create the gcode. When I insert M600 into the gcode nothing happens. Can someone explain (in detail) the proper use of this command? I'm trying to change the filament mid print by having it pause, move away, allow the filament change and then resume exactly where it left off. 


  • M600 only works if you have a LCD for firmware.

    If you don't just add
    ;@pause Change Filament

    instead and the host or server will pause. Make sure to edit the pause script to go to good pause place otherwise you get a fat blob where you pause.
  • My printer does have an LCD display. How would that work?

    Also, please give me more details about the pause script. Where is this? How do I get manual control after @pause?
  • The script is in printer settings->scripts along with the other scripts.

    Yes in pause mode you can use the host manual controls until you hit continue in pause window, then it will go back to where pause started so it continues the print. With M600 you can not use the host - it gets blocked until you continue at the lcd, so this is not so flexible.
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