Firmware install prusa I3

Having difficulty just re loading firmware the Adriano IDE won’t verify my configuration so I can’t upload it . Also when I try and open an older version of my firmware it forces me reinstal the IDE.


  • If it does not compile you get the reason in the bottom part. Fix what it complains about and retry.
  • it inst compiling im not understanding the reason or what i should change? this is the reason stated :
    ISO C++ forbids declaration of 'type name' with no type [-fpermissive]

        UIMenuEntry **entries = (UIMenuEntry**)pgm_read_word(&(men->entries));
        UIMenuEntry *ent =(UIMenuEntry *)pgm_read_word(&(entries[menuPos[menuLevel]]));
        UIMenuEntry *testEnt;
      :o uint8_t entType = HAL::readFlashByte((const prog_char*)&(ent->menuType));// 0 = Info, 1 = Headline, 2 = submenu ref, 3 = direct action command
        int action = pgm_read_word(&(ent->action));
        if(mtype==2 && activeAction==0)   // browse through menu items
  • That means you want to use an unknown type somewhere. C++ error messages normally go over a couple of lines telling you exactly where the error happens and often more.
    That code part normally just compiles fine, at least with recent Arduino version (1.8.x and SAM 1.6.11 if using due boards).
  • im using an at-mega this is different then a due I think In not sure . did i download the wrong firmware ? My IDE says 1.6.6 t the top should I get a Duo
  • No at mega is the 8 bit version. But you could try updating the arduino ide. Current releases have 1.8.x also this exists very long and was even possible to compile with older arduino versions.
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