Showing speeds in single layer mode. Is it bug?

edited March 2018 in Bug Reports

When I looking print preview per layer I see that maximum speed changes for each layer. And I don't see red lines on the layer.
Is algorithm includes travel moves (which is drawing with constant color) too? Or may be it's bug?



  • I don't think it is a bug. It is how it works. Color changes take only place at multiples of 5, so max. is +55 or +110 from minimum speed. Take first picture minumum speed is 10 (rounded down) so so max. is 65 or 120. It looks from color that some speeds are a bit higher then 65 maybe 70, so it takes 120 as maximum also no speed reaches this. 

    I have now reduced multiplyer to 2 for next update.That gives much closer ranges so it is easier to see where limits are.
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