Manual homing, no endstops

I am trying to use Repetier-Firmware on a 3D printer with no endstops. It is quite difficult to do manual homing. I am trying the following:

G0 S1 – disable checking endstops

- moving in a direction

G92 X0 Y0 Z0 – to set a zero point

The main problem is that after disabling the endstop check, the axis can be moved once and it requires another disabling etc.

Is there are another way to disable endstop check and do manual homing ?


  • M84 will disable motors if that is what you search for.
    If you compile firmware without endstops defined it will just move (if not set to move only after homing).

    But you see how valuable endstops are. Especiall do they allow you to get repeated identical results. Especially important for z axis.

    G0 S1 disables check until reset or enabling it with G0 S0. So I'm not really sure what you are asking for here.
  • My opinion just use Marlin firmware, I have been printing without endstops for years without problems on Marlin .
    I can help you with the Start GCODE .
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