Object offset

Why is that when I add more than one object and slice the objects offset different than what is in object placement?


  • If objects are send as separate objects slic3r does automatic rearrange of them. Use 2.0.5 host version. The bundled slic3r there can prevent this by command line so there it should not happen any more.
  • Even if I arrange them so they are side by side the second object is printed offset and forward of the first.
    Let me see what version I have. I think I went back to an older version due to some issues I was having.
  • Oh yeah. I wasn’t able to open slicer on my pc. So I couldn’t make any changes. I had to go to an older version.
  • There was a in between version where you could set how to handle it. Host could arrange them in one stl to preserve position or not to allow slicer to do so.
  • How would I do that?
  • Because it was crashing when I tried that.
  • Installed new versions and doing the same thing with default slice settings.
  • Ok. It is my slicer settings.
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