Can't jog to set z home.

Hello, I couldn't find anyone else having this issue, I'm using the newest version of repetier host and can't figure out to to zero my Z.
I do not have limit switches, so I would like to manually jog the z down just above my bed and zero it that way. But when I jog, it won't go past the zero in the software because it thinks it's a zero, it gets to that point and stops, but I still have to move the z down a bunch before it hits the bed. Is there a way to ignore the z position so i can go past zero?

Thanks for any help!


  • That really depends on who is blocking. Host allows moves past 0 if you did not home and coordinates are shown in red. Enable command sin log and see if commands get send. Then you know it is the firmware blocking the move and then it would depend on the firmware in use.

    But I can only advise to use endstops. Makes live so much easier.
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