Cannot return from extruder manual control screen

I'm running Repetier Server on a Raspberry Pi 3. It mostly works great, but when I go to the manual extruder control screen, I have no way to leave that screen to go back to the home screen.


  • You mean on the lcd display or web frontend?
    On display there is always a home button top left that sends you back.
  • I mean on the LCD display. The home button on the top left goes away when I go to the screen for manually controlling the extruder.
  • The screen showing "Extrude and Retract" I guess? For me it stays there along with XY Move and Z Move buttons. Maybe it depends on resolution? Which resolution does your screen have?
  • First, thanks for your responses.

    From the MAIN screen, I go to the MOVE screen (the icon is an up/down arrow on a left/right arrow). On the MOVE screen there's an icon on the lower left of the screen (below the MAIN icon) for extruder functions. It's a separate screen from the XYZ move screen.

    The EXTRUDER screen has buttons for slow feed and retract, and for fast feed and retract. There are buttons on the right for setting the temperature and distance, and one for turning all the motors off. None of those three buttons do anything. There are no icons on the left side where the HOME icon is supposed to be.

    I've tried it with 2 difference screens: One with 800x480 and one with 1024x600 resolution.
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