Repetier server disconnection while printing

I've been using Repetier-Host and Server for a couple weeks now, and I have this recurring issue.  I use Server on my desktop pc to connect with my printer, which is a Monoprice Maker Select V2, via USB.  When I get about an hour through a print, the print stops and the Server front end says that the printer has been disconnected.  I've tried this with several USB cables, and it still happens.  When I check the print log, it looks like this:

2:55:25.748: N411967 G92 E0
2:55:25.748: N411968 G1 Z29.500 F3600.000
2:55:25.860: N411969 G1 X75.275 Y96.976 F3600.000
2:55:25.860: N411970 G1 Z29.300 F3600.000
2:55:25.908: N411971 G1 E2.00000 F3600.00000
2:55:25.908: N411972 G1 F600
2:55:25.940: N411973 G1 X75.416 Y97.073 E2.00487
2:55:25.940: N411974 G1 X75.500 Y97.172 E2.00858
2:55:26.036: N411975 G1 X75.654 Y97.468 E2.01808
2:55:26.036: N411976 G1 X75.767 Y97.854 E2.02955
2:55:26.036: N411977 G1 X75.826 Y98.265 E2.04137
2:55:26.100: N411978 G1 X75.840 Y98.713 E2.05415
2:55:26.196: N411979 G1 X75.772 Y99.382 E2.07333
2:55:26.196: N411980 G1 X75.719 Y99.631 E2.08057
2:55:26.244: N411981 G1 X75.603 Y100.000 E2.09160
2:55:26.292: N411982 G1 X75.719 Y100.369 E2.10263
2:55:26.340: N411983 G1 X75.773 Y100.621 E2.10998
2:55:26.372: N411984 G1 X75.808 Y100.836 E2.11618
2:55:26.388: N411985 G1 X75.840 Y101.286 E2.12905
2:55:26.404: N411986 G1 X75.802 Y101.949 E2.14797
2:55:26.436: N411987 G1 X75.720 Y102.332 E2.15912
2:55:26.452: N411988 G1 X75.619 Y102.615 E2.16769
2:55:26.452: N411989 G1 X75.498 Y102.831 E2.17474
2:55:26.452: N411990 G1 X75.422 Y102.920 E2.17809
2:55:26.452: N411991 G1 X75.261 Y103.029 E2.18363
2:55:26.468: N411992 G1 X75.143 Y103.049 E2.18705
2:55:57.474: Warning: Communication timeout - resetting communication buffer.
2:55:57.474: Connection status: Buffered:114, Manual Commands: 2, Job Commands: 5000
2:55:57.474: Buffer used:114 Enforced free byte:19 lines stored:6
2:55:57.474: N411993 M117 ETA 04:59:10 day 8
2:55:57.474: N411996 G1 X75.047 Y103.030 E2.18982
2:55:57.474: N411997 G1 X74.948 Y102.982 E2.19295
2:55:57.474: N411998 G1 X74.846 Y102.905 E2.19661
2:55:57.474: N411999 G1 X74.719 Y102.767 E2.20196

I have very limited knowledge of how the g code works, but this is the last code that gets recorded before the printer stops.  I can only reconnect after I turn the printer off and back on again, and obviously it wastes the whole print.  Can anyone tell me what's happening?


  • sounds like the server computer may be going to sleep mode, check power options in control panel
  • This looks like your OS stopped communicating over USB but did not close the connection. Is the printer still marked green when this happens and no more timeouts? Would expect a timeout every 30 seconds to appear also it will not help.
    If you deactivate and activate printer does it then work again?
    If unpowering the printer is the only thing working it is a bad thing, because then the command line between firmware serial and pc serial to software is broken. But I would not expect this always exactly after an hour. Or is it just something like an hour?
    You could try printing without heated bed and heaters disabled to see if this helps. Often if printer has voltage drops strange thing happens and bed and heaters just use the most power here.
  • Thank you for the response, I was away for a couple days but I'm happy to answer your questions.

    I know for sure that my computer is not going into sleep mode, because it happens even when I'm still using my computer.

    The printer marker changes to the red disconnected symbol when this happens, so it stops logging.  Deactivating the printer causes a small popup to say that the printer has been deactivated, but doesn't seem to actually deactivate the printer.  When I click on the cog wheel again, I can only choose to deactivate the printer again, which still seemingly has no effect.  It doesn't always happen at exactly one hour, it just is usually around that time.  I will try turning off the heated bed, but in my mind even if that works its not really a solution because I would like to use the heated bed in the future.  Is this something that I should contact the manufacturer about to get resolved?
  • When printer marker gets red that means the com port is gone. As a counter test you could also open hardware manager in windows. When green you should see a com port in serial connections. When server switches to red it tries to reconnect (orange). If the com port is not there it will just stay red. So check then when it turns red if it is also removed in hardware manager. Then it is a problem outside server. Maybe driver related.
  • So the printer disconnected again just now, and I checked the COM ports in device manager and the com port that the printer is connected to (com3) is still there.  However the server shows the connection as red and it stays red, it doesn't turn orange.  
  • Last thing to more infos is check in folder C:\ProgramData\Repetier-Server\logs for server.log. There you see connections and closed connections. Maybe something is logged there. But I think something with the driver went wrong. Also it is still there it seems to not work as expected any more. 

    As a counter test you can force a reconnect by server by deactivating and activating it. That forces a reconnect try if possible.
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