Enabling Steppers when Energizing

I have brought this up prior with no response.  I have a printer with a Z axis that has an extruder and slide mechanics that make it heavy enough that if stepper is not enabled after power up, axis will overhaul the leadscrew and drop.  I have a 24VDC brake attached so that the slide doesn't drop when printer is powered down, however this releases upon power up.  Obviously if I home immediately, the enable comes on and holds the slide but I don't always do this right away. I need a a way to enable the Z axis drive after power up before I make a move or homing, something like the M17 command for Marlin, however M17 is not implemented for Repetier.  Is there a way to accomplish in firmware? 


  • You coul duse the startup gcode and just send
    G1 Z0.1
    at start yu are at z=0 so it will try to go 0.1mm up and therefore enable the motor.
  • OK.  I will give that a try.  Makes sense.  
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