Smart RAMPS + Arduino DUE: SD card as EEPROM

Hello! I read that it's possible use the SD card as EEPROM for the Smart RAMPS without EEPROM chip. I modified my old RAMPS 1.4 so I haven't a EEPROM chip. If this option it's possible, how to enable it? I didn't found the option in the configuration tool page.
Also, it's automatic enabled the software SPI when selecting the DUE board? In that case, the SPI pins are the same as the Mega 2560?

Thanks for read!


  • It is in the board definition file (pins.h). There it should read

    then it will use the sd card that must of course be configured such that a sd card is available.

    Not sure if spi pins are on same position.
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    Thanks for the reply!
    I found the option in pins.h for SD card but I can't find how to configure my display. It's a RepRapDiscount Full Graphic Smart Controller. In DisplayList.h the MOTHERBOARD 408 (the comment says Smart RAMPS) it's very different from hardware of that display. The Full Graphics uses RS as CS, RW as SDI and E as SCK.
    Edit: Configured the pins in uiconfig.h and worked.
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