Anyone have TMC2130s and software SPI working at all?

I appreciate that all the work's being done on HW SPI, but I'm on a Due and SMART RAMPS stack and access to the HW pins is... a little fiddly.
So if anyone's got something softwarily working, could they give me a steer, please? I've thus far failed to get a single squeak out of anything motion- or SPI-related. Is there any way to actually get diagnostics for SPI or the 2130's at all via debug or G-code?

In terms of specifics, I'm on 1.0.1dev, the configuration for which I've been able to use happily with Fysetc drivers pretending to be 2100s, but no joy in soldering the tiny little config pads, so I've switched to genuine 2130s wired to the standard SPI pins (50-52), and 3 chip selects on 38, 41, and 43.
In addition I've disabled LCD and SD support, in case any of that's getting in the way somehow.

Could anyone possibly give me things to check, please, or point me in productive directions?
Many thanks.


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