Zaxis moving when i try to move x and y-axis

I want to upgrade my RAMPS/Mega to RADDS/Due. RAMPS was working without any problems. Yesterday ive wired everything. When i now start homing for all everything is fine. But when i then move the x-axis or the y-axis with repetier-host the z-axis is moving too and when i move the z-axis i can hear that the x-axis is moving too. My first attempt was RADDS/udoo-quad and i had the same behavior like now with arduino due. Could anyone help me?


  • Try the following. Home XYZ and send M114
    You get some coordinates in log. In printer settings->Shape set these coordinates as homing coordinates. 

    This normally happens if you did not enter the right homing coordinates in host.
  • There was a problem with the eeprom.. ive reset it and now everything works fine.
    The eeprom makes many things really complicated for a newbee sometimes :-D
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