AD595 or 597

hello All
I want to use termocupler for bed and I have AD595 board  I used ths board merlin firmware and ramps  connect aux1 A3 pin also change #define TEMP_1_PIN 3

but same board same ramps  and repetier firmware   also same change pin  I didnt read temparature reading "def" on LCD

how can I connect ?


  • Watch out that repetier uses different pin naming. TEMP_1_PIN is normally used for heated bed. Extruder uses TEMP_0_PIN by default.
  • thanks for answer
    I solved  .... 
    Iwant to use for heated bed,  you right TEMP_1_PIN  used  but ad597 out  mV  connect to direct a/d port 
    I used AUX1 terminal on ramps.... and connect A3 pin

    motherboard==33  also TEMP_1_PIN  change assing 3  and work very well....

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