New Menu-structure while printing, FW 1.0.1

this is my first post in this Forum. Until now, there was no reason to get an account in this Forum as the Repetier Firmware is Plug and Play for me and works flawlessly on my machines since years. You are doing a great Job here! But I can´t undestand the new UI Design decision in Repetiers new 1.0.1. Maybe it is a wrong Setup, but since I updated to 1.0.1, the menu of the LCD does not contain any Acceleration/Jerk Settings Sub-Menu any more when printing. No possibiliy to play arround with Parameters without a Host-Connection. The Content of the Menu changes once a print is started...

And - the List of available Options while printing is in a mess . Often used functions like Baby-Stepping at the end of the list... Is there any Chance to get the usability of the previous Versions back?

Thanks a lot!



  • You can change uimenu.h to not disable settings during printing or modify order of entries. I think you could even use the old uimenu.h from older versions, but not 100% sure.

    As always what the one likes the other one dislikes. 
  • I'm not sure if this will fix the condition the OP mentions above, but I was a bit upset when the default display screen was changed from the original.  I missed seeing the filament usage and the buffered commands, as well as the clean display of temps.  Since I always use Repetier Host rather than an SD print, the new default was information that was already presented by Host.  

    It turns out you can restore the original default screen by making a small change in the commands.cpp file.  If you search for the word PROGRESS and change the else command to 
     so the if/else always returns zero, then the old default menu is shown.

    I guess the change to the menu was made, because manufacturers felt it was better for novices.  I look upon that type of change as"duming down".  
  • Yes, vendors have often a big dislike to any ability to change configurations and to show informations that are not 100% required. That increases support and makes things look complicated especially to a novice. But also many users do not really want to see more as they do not want to know more, just print their thing.

    For V2 I think about a new method to create the menus to make them more flexible. Then we could have the progress view as start but for example use left/right to switch through the other displays or change handling dynamically. Currently menu is a fixed compiled data structure making it impossible to change behaviour with some settings.
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    I invested some time and found my own way to get a structure I prefer. I also found out how to get the configuration option back while printing. Lars was so kind to put the code on his Blog.
    Thanks for help!

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