Multiple layer change code insertion @ same z level with repetier 2.0.5

I am new to the forum but I use repetier host for a while now.
I have a 3 extruders setup (diamond hotend)
So far, I managed to handle nozzle purge at each tool swap by building a purge tower (one layer at each layer change).
To build this tower, I use a custom gcode inserted at each layer change.
From this new version, I do not understand what is happening, but my custom gcode is inserted several times at the same Z level (3 or 4 times ?...)
Is it already a known bug ? Is there a countermeasure ?...

Thanks in advance !


  • We do not insert anything. I guess you have a slicer with layer change gcode? So it would be the slicer doing this, but we do not develop the slicers, just include them.
  • Thanks,
    you are right, it works again when I use Slic3r for prusa instead of Slic3r, I guess it is an issue with the latest release of slic3r...
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