4th Axis

Hello again.

I recently got a fourth shaft for my CNC. Do I need to know if the Repetier Firmware is ready to control a 4-axis CNC?

Thank you.


  • Sorry. For more information, I use Ramps 1.4.

  • The extruder axis E could be used as 4th axis if you have no extruder. 
    For firmware V2 we plan up to 7 axis, but that is currently not that usable. Still in early development stage.
  • Could you help me?

    Only the options for X, Y and Z axes appear in the Mechanicals menu.

    In the Tools menu there is the option to add a new extruder, but the extruder options are only Extruder 0 to Extruder 6, as shown in the attached image, which you already know very well. :)

    Thank you in advance for your help.

  • E axis is only available by adding an extruder. Extrude r0 is the E0 socket on RAMPS so what you need. Since it is no extruder select a fake thermistor to get no errors and run
    M302 S1
    to allow extrusion (E movement) while extruder is cold.

    Not sure for what you need a 4th axis, but E axis gets some special treatment just because it is intended as extruder motor. So it can have different speed (flow multiplier) and has it's own jerk/start speed settings.
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