Printing from repetier-server, layer only shows when selected on "show on Printer LCD" NOT rotate

So when I select rotate it shows ETA and ETE only.  The ONLY way to get the layer is to have it selected as the sole item to display. I assume this isn't by design.  Anyway to resolve this on my end or is this a bug?   When I see rotate I assume the expected behavior is ETA, ETE AND layer correct?  Not just ETE and ETA.

Running 0.86.2  on raspberry pi.


  • The fix:  if you see cap when you run and M115 I modified /usr/local/Repetier-Server/firmware/marlin.xml by removing line 103 <response type="progressView" value="1">^Cap:PROGRESS</response>  and substituted <response type="progressView">^Cap:PROGRESS:(\d)</response> and I was able to see layers cycling w/ ETA/ETE.


    <response type="progressView">^Cap:PROGRESS:(\d)</response>
    If you send M115 you see lines starting with Cap: and I think your firmware sends it, 
    but due to the different regular expression it assumes it as true even if it was 0.
    Edit marlin.xml in install dire/firmwares and restart server and it should then show
    My problem was that my printer really supported this, so I saw layers from that source.
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