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hi, I have maybe little missunderstanding in Repetier Host program. I use MEGA2560+RAMPS1.4. FW0.92.8 + GLCD Smart Controller Display. If I connect board to host and change position of printer by using jogwheel on smart controller, for example new position x=50,y=50, no changes are in coordinates in Host program. If I then use sw manual positioning in software host, printer run back on position 0,0, respectively position maded only by "sw manual positioning". Why? In com port i see strings as "X:50.000 Y50.000 Z0.000 .........." sended into Host program, but no changes in coordinates? Is it right? Thank You for clearing.


  • Firmware does not tell host about coordinate changes, and even if it would do so that does not mean it would be still valid when host reads it, so it would not be used for that. Therefore do not mix positioning. Host will not know and move a sit was on the last known position.
  • Firmware tells to host new position always, i see it in COM port, but Host this ignore? Simply if Host get X/Y/Z new position and Host don't send any Gcode data, then it should be acceptable as new coordinates? Or it means, that jog-wheel is usable only for moving on any position and then make reset controller to get zero position, but then i lost absolute position. I use Gcode generated from outside editor for milling machine and i use analog joystick to trim start position. Anyway is possible to tell host new coordinate values from firmware? Is any command to send to Host and change coordinates in Host?
  • Not possible at the moment.
    We are thinking about reenabling this, also there will be times where it results in wrong values, because then all X: is parsed as x coordinate even if something else was meant.
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    it's more complicated than I thought. Is any possibility in the future integrate standard HID USB device as joystick or any jog into Host program. It will be possible send new position as G code with acknowledge and then we don't lost reference position. or hidden command as "@actualcoord X:...." <span>:smiley:</span> Thank you for response
  • There is no direct connection to motion. We always need to send move commands and they get buffered. So joystick is hard to implement his way. Maybe by sending many small moves with low a speed that we know it should be executed before next is received. But then more as virtual joystick. 
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