Change outlet on motherboard

Hey guys,

Can someone help me with my problem, or at least point me in the good direction?

I don't know how it happened, but somehow somethings wrong with my motherboard
This happened when I started up the printer after some idle months (moving house)

Things I know: 
The stepmotor isn't rotating, even when it's hot (200ºC)
I ruled out a wiring issue with help form my multimeter.
I ruled out a busted stepmotor, because it's working fine if I plug it into the X-axis slot on the motherboard.
I've updated to the latest version of Repetier Host.

Some other 3D enthousiasts think it's maybe a busted driver and/or mosfet, so my thinking is:
I've got a vacant slot on my motherboard and I need to plug it in there, but to do that I need to acces the code
I have some programing experience, but I can't seem to locate the way in. Can someome point me in the right direction?

I have a Zonestar P802N Reprap Prusa I3 printer, using Repetier Host V2.0.5 with Repetier_0.92.9 firmware.


  • If you have the sources you just modify configuration.h. Each extruder has a step/dir/enable pin that you can change to th epins of the other socket.

    Before that also check if you are not in dry run mode and if there are some errors in log that also may help. In dry run mode you can not heat and extrusion will not run.
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