New maker select + when I stop a job on host it will start where last job stopped

it appears this maker select + uses Marlin sadly. When I start a job after cancelling a job at repetier-host it will start right where the last job left off as the home position for X (Any maybe Y).   I have G28 in my starting GCODE and it works when I enter it manually but it doesn't seem to run my starting gcode.  If I do an emergency stop it'll reboot printer and I think that does allow it to start in correct spot.   Also is the reason I cannot see any of the print info on display of the plus like I do the maker select v2 because it is using marlin instead of repetier?



  • Do you print from sd card or directly? If directly over server or from host directly. I thjink you print over server so you need the homing in the servers start gcode, not in host. Better would be if it is in your slicers gcode. Each slicer should start with homing first anyway.
  • I print from host.the gcode is still where it had been work my other printer (in cura)
  • Did it again to me today.  Printed from host, had to cancel job from host due to an issue w/ print and then when I started it over if I homed X from the printer it thought where the print left off was home.  I started a new print from host and it still thought home was where it stopped last print.  If I manually homed w/ G28 in host it as fine but not when I printed the file from host.  G28 is in my start gcode and always works otherwise.
  • Maybe the G28 is written wrong for your firmware? Host will send everything it considers gcode. You can see it in the log if that command was send. If it was send it is a firmware thing. If it doe snot get send copy the gcode lines to see if it shows a reason to not be send.

    Older server versions had problems if  there was no space before comment but host has no problems known.
  • Where would the log be?  I don't see much on the gui console and I didn't see any logs in appdata or program files folders (Windows).  

    Also seems it doesn't like the M107 either as the print cooling fan is always on.  The repetier FW maker select V2 was perfect in all aspects.  This marlin FW, not so much.

  • If you enable logging in preferences->general it is repetier.log in host work directory.
  • Ok here is the log.  I started the job.  I then canceled the job about 20 seconds into the print by clicking .  The extruder was about mid axis on X when I stopped the job.  I then went back to host and clicked print again and it started on the same X axis it ended on thinking it was home I assume.  Even after re slicing and printing a complete new job the extruder crashes unless I power off the printer. 


  • No log. Also when positing log note the time entry where it happens for fast searching.
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    No idea how that happened.  Here is the log again I assume it's around line 1660 10:29:46

    I still don't see it attached.  I see the log after i upload it to your site but when I submit it is gone.

    Here it is in my dropbox.
  • That is not the written file log. Here the commands send are missing. Also the local log only contains last 2000 lines. I see a lot of ok where I could guess it contained a G28 but without seeing it I can not say.

    You can also just try your self homing twice with G28 like in the gcode you send. If it happens only once the firmware just skipps homing for some unknown reason.
  • Ok can you explain what you need then?  This is the log generated by enabling what you told me to enable.  Do i need to somehow change logging level to show what you want to see?  I'll try to cancel a job and send a G28 to see if it homes where it should on next print or if it starts where last was cancelled. 
  • Looks like the log but it is missing the send commands. So I guess you are not printing with host but with repetier-server. In that case you need to check the server logs. But server will overwrite old log if you print same file twice. But we are interested in the second call anyway where you say G28 does not cause homing. So that is no problem.

    All I saw was
    echo:enqueing "G28 Z0"
    but no line doing it for x and y direction.
  • I am initiating all prints via host, none via server.  I have no repetier.log file on my server (pi)  Looking at the log session option in host it says "it will contain all communication even if disabled in log view".   Oddly my log view has commands enabled and all it states is what layer i'm on, not the actual commands sent to printer.  is that normal or part of the issue here?

  • FYI this seems to occur for others as well.  Maybe a marlin FW issue?
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    Also I reinstalled host and now all commands are showing properly in real-time log so I have to assume they'll show in repetier.log when the time comes to log this error.  I have a long list of prints to finish before I can cancel a print to log this problem.  With that said it seems this is a Marlin FW issue (See link above) which you probably have no ability to resolve anyway correct?   BTW, is there a way to display layer # or layer x/xxx complete using M117?  I know my i3 showed it but the i3 plus just cycles the ETE and ETA, not mentioning layer #.   It definitely is showing them in the real-time host log "Printing layer 50 of 64"


  • Yes, we can not resolve firmware bugs. As I already thought host is sending it and firmware ignoring.

    Layer is only shown if you print through repetier-server and have it enabled to cycle through all. Host as printer daemon will only show ETA/ETE.
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    Is that a feature that can be requested or is it difficult to implement it?  Clearly it is aware of the layer and is able to send ETA, ETE already would it be hard for host to send that data along via M117 commands?  Oddly, I closed host when I went to bed last night  mid-print and it was showing the gcode it executed at bottom of screen in log, now all it shows upon opening this AM is just "printing layer xxx of xxx" even w/ commands radio button enabled.  I don't get why this changes out of nowhere?

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    Ok I'm seriously starting to question my own insanity but I'm not going nuts and I have pics to prove it this time. I started a job on server this time, it showed a few lines of gcode commands and then just stopped in host..    Does it buffer them and just send a group all at once perhaps?

  • Repetier said:

    Layer is only shown if you print through repetier-server and have it enabled to cycle through all. Host as printer daemon will only show ETA/ETE.

    I also want to follow up on this.  Perhaps this is a bug but I started a job from repetier-server and the ONLY way it'll display layer is if I select the layer option.  If I select cycle it only shows ETA/ETA.  

  • Host sends gcode and then print start, so host can be stopped during print. If host looses connection to server it will stop updating progress. On restart of connection it will start a print from connection point.

    Regarding layer I'm quite sure it rotates also over layer cound but need to test to be sure. Not so easy as my main printer currently has no lcd.
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    Understood.  I confirmed multiple times it does not scroll layer for me when print is initiated from server, only displays when it is selected by itself (Not rotate).  Also watched command window on server itself and saw no M117 layer info sent when set to rotate.   I could send you the command log if you want but it certainly isn't injecting M117 layer info when set to rotate.

    here is a quick sample of my "rotate"

    10:22:54.693: M117 ETA 12:42:06 day 14
    10:22:54.703: N1010 G1 X185.216 Y150.495 E255.3781
    10:22:54.721: N1011 G1 X184.876 Y150.835 E255.4069
    10:23:04.574: M117 ETE 02:19:08
    10:23:04.585: N1014 G1 X46.904 Y12.862 E267.0885
    10:23:04.601: N1015 G1 X46.564 Y13.201 E267.1173
    10:23:14.455: M117 ETA 12:42:06 day 14
    10:23:14.466: N1018 G1 X184.537 Y151.174 E278.7990
    10:23:14.483: N1019 G1 X184.198 Y151.513 E278.8277
    10:23:24.336: M117 ETE 02:18:48
    10:23:24.346: N1022 G1 X46.225 Y13.541 E290.5094
    10:23:24.363: N1023 G1 X45.885 Y13.880 E290.5381
    10:23:34.218: M117 ETA 12:42:06 day 14
    10:23:34.228: N1026 G1 X183.858 Y151.853 E302.2198
    10:23:34.245: N1027 G1 X183.519 Y152.192 E302.2485
    10:23:44.099: M117 ETE 02:18:28
    10:23:44.108: N1030 G1 X45.546 Y14.219 E313.9302
    10:23:44.125: N1031 G1 X45.206 Y14.559 E313.9589
    10:23:53.980: M117 ETA 12:42:06 day 14
    10:23:53.990: N1034 G1 X183.179 Y152.532 E325.6406
    10:23:54.007: N1035 G1 X182.840 Y152.871 E325.6694
    10:24:03.861: M117 ETE 02:18:08
    10:24:03.871: N1038 G1 X44.867 Y14.898 E337.3511
    10:24:03.888: N1039 G1 X44.528 Y15.238 E337.3798
    10:24:13.742: M117 ETA 12:42:07 day 14
    10:24:13.753: N1042 G1 X182.501 Y153.211 E349.0615
    10:24:13.769: N1043 G1 X182.161 Y153.550 E349.0903
    10:24:23.623: M117 ETE 02:17:49
    10:24:23.632: N1046 G1 X44.188 Y15.577 E360.7720
    10:24:23.650: N1047 G1 X43.849 Y15.916 E360.8007
    10:24:33.504: M117 ETA 12:42:07 day 14
    10:24:33.516: N1050 G1 X181.822 Y153.890 E372.4824
    10:24:33.531: N1051 G1 X181.483 Y154.229 E372.5112
    10:24:43.386: M117 ETE 02:17:29
    10:24:43.395: N1054 G1 X43.509 Y16.256 E384.1929
    10:24:43.412: N1055 G1 X43.170 Y16.595 E384.2216
    10:24:53.267: M117 ETA 12:42:07 day 14
    10:24:53.277: N1058 G1 X181.143 Y154.568 E395.9033
    10:24:53.293: N1059 G1 X180.804 Y154.908 E395.9321
    10:25:03.148: M117 ETE 02:17:09

  • Ok have checked th esources and server will omit layer if it thinks your firmware supports progress view. Unfortunately the query term in the firmware description is not good. It should be
    <response type="progressView">^Cap:PROGRESS:(\d)</response>
    If you send M115 you see lines starting with Cap: and I think your firmware sends it, 
    but due to the different regular expression it assumes it as true even if it was 0.
    Edit marlin.xml in install dire/firmwares and restart server and it should then show
    My problem was that my printer really supported this, so I saw layers from that source.
  • Yep, that did the trick thanks much.  
  • Same deal w/ starting where last job ended today.  I finished a job and the printer turned off as always w/ my @execute command.  I then cleared print and sliced my next job.  I then sent it forgetting I turned the printer off.  So as soon as I turned the printer on it started the job right where the last job left off.  It completely ignored my G28 and I'm guessing all of my start gcode.  I'm going to see if I can get that log for you.   
  • Didn't you already say it is firmware bug ignoring G28 on second call?
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    This also occurred in the wanhao original OE marlin 1.1.6 FW  for me prior to upgrading to 1.1.8.  So I don't know exactly if it's the marlin FW or not.  I suppose I could use another slicer and/or print from SD just to see.

  • OYu could also just send G28 multiple times after moving manuall between them to see if it works. In log you can see that it gets send, so you see what firmware does when receiving.
  • I will try.  I keep telling myself to stop a print but I always get sidetracked.  Will start a print, stop it and then before starting another send a G28 a few times to see what I get.
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