Layer separation problem

Anet A8-L 3D printer with Skynet 2.3.2

Driving with Repetier-host 2.0.5 on Lubuntu 16.10

Bed temp. 60 deg. C

Extruder temp. 200 deg. C


After successfully operating my new printer for several weeks I decided to take advantage of the auto-levelling feature and so installed Skynet (everything I read suggested it was the way to go instead of using the Anet firmware). Flushed with my earlier success I also started using Repetier-host to drive the printer. What could go wrong? EVERYTHING! I was initially pre-occupied with getting the auto level feature going, so I am not sure exactly when things went off the rails, but suddenly (it seemed) my parts were fragile (layer separation) and often not completed (gaps and strings).

Initial parts produced from Anet supplied stl files with Anet firmware direct from Anet SD card were great. Also a number of parts downloaded from Thingiverse, also great. Unfortunately I don’t know what changed when I installed Skynet and started using Repetier-host. I admit I was playing with settings. Typical newbie, I did not keep notes. Going back to the Repetier-host defaults did nothing.

Trial & error shows cooling rate most effective (slower is better) followed distantly by increasing wall thickness, flow rate and infill density. Still not as good as the initial parts. They are just not as hard and firm.

Any suggestions gratefully accepted. Also, I still have some of the gcodes from the early parts (not all). Is there a way to view the gcodes and would I be able to determine the settings used to produce them?


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