Dual Extruder problems with Firmware

I am using 9.1v8 on the firmware and I have had problems setting up my second extruder.   I have a MKS Base V 1.5 board and when i upload the firmware the second extruder fet led is extreamly dim.  I had to switch the leads to the fan pin and it works but now i can not have my fan for my extruders.    

Problem 2 I have the smartcontroller and when i go to load the sketch it will not complete.  I get the following error
    UIMenu *men = (UIMenu*)menu[menuLevel];
    uint8_t nr = pgm_read_word_near(&(men->numEntries));
    uint8_t mtype = HAL::readFlashByte((const prog_char*)&(men->menuType));
    UIMenuEntry **entries = (UIMenuEntry**)pgm_read_word(&(men->entries));
    UIMenuEntry *ent =(UIMenuEntry *)pgm_read_word(&(entries[menuPos[menuLevel]]));
    UIMenuEntry *testEnt;
    uint8_t entType = HAL::readFlashByte((const prog_char*)&(ent->menuType));// 0 = Info, 1 = Headline, 2 = submenu ref, 3 = direct action command

I have to remove it from the firmware update and then it loads fine.



  • You mean you have 4 outputs not 3 like ramps 1.4? You need to select the right pin name then directly to get it working and make sure no other function uses same pin.

    What is the error message?

    91.8 is very old and not supported any more. Fixes are only done to 1.0 now while we work on V2.
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