Auto level + Distortion correct setup


I have built an core xy 3d printer with hypercube motion system – radds+due+tmc2130 and 30*30 cm bed +repetier 1.0 fwm and no lcd.


After reading the manual on the site and applied the following settings


a.       Auto level can be activated with G32 S2 – and it only compensates if bed it tilted on sides (for exemple left side of the bed it lower than right side of the bed)

b.      Distortions can be activated with M323 S1 and G33 to get matrix - and it compensates if bed it has bumps (for exemple if midle of the bed it higher than bed margins…)


With n*n matrix auto level-software correction i realized that autolevel dont work, mening than: even if i get corection matrix it does not using it when printing, and when activating distorsion printer makes prints tilted to the right.


Z probe it used for auto level and z home and it connected to z min end stop (z max it disabled), xy homes towards xy min endstops (selected option from configuration tool).


My questions are :


1.       For auto level n*n matrix P1=XY home? or it matters where is located?

2.       For distorsion X/Y Min/Max need to start from same coordinates as auto level (meaning that if P1= XY home for auto level - for distortion matrix first measuring point need to be same point as P1 auto level)

3.       Before or after G32 S2 or G33  need to use another  G/M code (except G28)?

4.       Doese repetier host/hight map works for core xy or only for deltas ?


Thank you

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