Factory Installed 0.92.8 - how to activate autolevel

I purchased a Tevo Tarantula printer.  From the factory, I have 0.92.8 installed.  I received the SN04 inductive prox sensor with the printer.

I have assembled the printer, and I am ready to activate the bed leveling.  I have Simplify3D software and Repetier-Host software.

Here is my setup:
SN04 Inductive Prox sensor
Repetier Firmware 0.92.8
Simplify3D and Repetier-host Software

I have looked, and I am either overlooking a step somewhere, or I am just clueless. I have read the write-up the website (https://www.repetier.com/docum…/repetier-firmware/z-probing/) But if I read that correctly, I have to go into the firmware files and modify them. Is this correct? If so, how do I get to them to modify them?

Or is there a setting within Simplify3D or Repetier-Host to access this feature and enable?

And to confirm a dumb question in my head, the SN04 needs to trip at the same level the nozzle tip is jeeeeeeeessssst barely touching the bed. The whole "paper test".

End goal, I would like to enable auto leveling, Bed_Leveling_Method 1 (the grid style, not just the 3 point). But which Bed_Correction_Method do I use?

I have gone through and mechanically made sure the bed is as level as I can get it with relation to the printer (next step is to add a small level and adjustable feet to the wood platform so the whole thing will be level) but I want to add this last little piece of checking to make sure.

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