How to setup dualextrusion with one hotend and two extruder

Hi guys,

i tried to get it worked but i didn't. I added a second extruder in the online configuration tool but what do i have to change in the config.h file? 

Best regrads


  • Depend if both have a nozzle but share heater or both also share the nozzle.
    In forst case use SHARED_HEATER I think. Th eother solution is MIXING_EXTRUDER and you need to define the mixing ratios to use one or the other motor or both with a mixing ratio.
  • Okey i have one nozzle and one heater. So i have time activate SHARED_HEATER and MIXING_EXTRUDER?
  • No MIXING_EXTRUDER only. Mixing extruder maps everything to 1st extruder and then simulates 16 virtual extruders with 16 mixing ratios.
  • Mhh but it isn't a mixing extruder. i use a y-joined like the prusa multimaterial upgrade.
  • In that case use 2 extruders and set SHARED_HEATER to tell firmware that this is the case.

    You need to set select/deselect script wise to retract enough on extruder change. Also make sure to always select first extruder when disabling printer. Firmware does not remember which tool is active so selects first on startup.
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