Is it possible to independently z calibrate 2 extruders

Good day
I am planning an upgrade to my machine to have 2 independent parkable extruders. The extruder is the z probe and I was wondering if it is possible to set the Z offset of tool 0 vs tool 1 via probing at the beginning of the print.


  • Sure, from repetier.ino

    - G134 Px Sx Zx - Calibrate nozzle height difference (need z probe in nozzle!) Px = reference extruder, Sx = only measure extrude x against reference, Zx = add to measured z distance for Sx for correction.

    You normally set E0 z offset zero and adjusts then against that height.
    G134 P0 S1
  • Awesome, thank you.
    So the start code would be something like this (assuming the x and y offset of extruder 2 is set)

    turn machine on and set units


    select and wipe extruder 1

    G32 S0 

    select and wipe extruder 2

    G134 P0 S1

    select first extruder to print with

  • 1. You need to heat nozzles if nozzle is endstop as ooze can have different results. Guess this is what you mean with wipe.
    2. You do M134 not in start gcode. The result is stored in eeprom so no need to repeat it. You only do it if you disassembled extruder so value may have changed.

  • I will have to do it each print. I have a modular hotend system with a trivial swap-out setup. Thus, the height differs almost every print as i have 20 different nozzle sizes and geometries depending on the part/material to be printed.

    Is there a way not to save to eeprom every time?
  • No it will always store to eeprom. Of course you could go to commands.cpp and search 134: and near the end of the case

    #if EEPROM_MODE != 0



    remove the store command or make it depend on some parameter. YOu could still change it permanently with M500 if needed.
  • Cool, will do that thanks.

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