Z Axis wont move during print

Hi there, 

Im setting up a modified 3dstuffmaker cartesian printer, everything seems ok but will only print on 2 dimensions.
The z axis wont move during print.
I have full manual control and it will home (min) when I manually run it up to max.
Here is a copy of my config: https://pastebin.com/QgERQ2zJ
I'm sure it's a simple fix, I just cant for the life of me find the issue.

Any help would be appreciated... it's been weeks and weeks of heartache!!


  • You mean z works manually and not during print? Maybe reduce z jerk and z acceleration. But normally there is no difference between printing or not for z.
  • yes, I can control the Z axis manually through repetier host, but Z axis will not move during a print, essentially giving me a 2D object printer.
  • In most cases the start speed (z jerk) or z acceleration is then too high. For longer moves it seems then to start at one point but layer switches are small so here a short block is all needed to not move. Hope you already tested this as this was also my first advice.
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