Micro- switch initiated pause control for end filament or filament break.

G'day everyone,
I have been experimenting with the pause function  in the latest firmware, and would like to add a micro-switch that detects the end or a beak in the filament.
I am not good at programming and would like to know if anyone else has tried to implement this type of control and if so how.
Thanks in advance,


  • Hi All,

    exactly what I am looking for as well.

    I want to make sure, the filament is running ( not broken AND not twisted nor knotted in the coil )

    I try to achieve this by using a tacho signal converted to a constant level (e.g. High when turning).

    But i dont know, how to handle the signal then .

    Is it possible to pause a running job and cool down extruder and after a while bed by this external signal ?
    Is there a better way then using AutoHotKey?

    Thanks in advance for any comment

    Ralph Rathmann

    (Repetier Host V. 1.0.6 with Vellemann K8200)

  • You know that the hardware for this is readily available and works very well.  How this would interface to Repetier, I have no idea.  
  • Yes, that does it but also measures filament jam. A single switch can only detect out of filament but should be configured to also trigger the detector. I still have to look at this, but I think a simple switch as method is currently not implemented but should to allow what you need. Will add that as soon as I find the time. It is on my todo at least:-)
  • I can't read German but I'm interested in this.  Is there an English web site selling this hardware?
  • Not that I know. He invented it for his sparkcube printers. But he published the sources I think, so with google translate you could still make your own.
  • So is there some implementation of MicroSwitch pause?
    I also already made a filament extruder system and incorporated the microswitch in it, so it would be great...
  • I was looking at the code for SD print pause and I seem to understand it. I would be able to use the ui part to introduce filament end routine after a button press. What I do not understand is how to reply to OctoPrint that it needs to wait a moment or two ;)
  • The simple micro switch based detection is implemented but has some errors we need to fix.

    You can select several pause modes for jam detection. Most relyable is if you have a display then you can select to fix it on the lcd and it will simply pause communication. Other solution is to send a pause request whcih at least repetier-host and server understands. Not sure at the moment what exactly it contains and if octoprint also recognices it. Will get better if I get the time to improve that problem,
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