Line Number is not last line number and random pauses

I have just gotten into 3d printing and am trying to use Repetier as a software to print my designs from. It works great about half the time, but the other half of the time my 3d printer will randomly pause in the middle of the print and I will have to start from scratch. On top of this, Several prints come out very messy and take up a lot of time because I get hundreds of messages stating "Line Number is not last line number" and it resends and then moves onto the next line. While printing, It is noticeable because it prints a line, pauses, and then prints the next line, and pauses again. Why do half of my prints work great and the other half not work at all? Thanks for the help!


  • The error happens on communication errors. Why half part works and other not I can not say. Maybe when it happens it never gets back to error free? Would need to see where it start as log with all content being send and received and firmware and settings. Maybe just some bad settings. 

    You can also help hosts by enabling "wait" and ok with line numbers. That allows it to catch errors early so they can be fixed on the fly.
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