Autolevel Producing errors

i already try G33 , G32 , with all parameters, but my delta still producing these errors, i follow all the tips on wizard but i aways got these matriz transformation errors, i suspect that i need to use a field called "error collum" but i really don´t know how to do that , plz, someone can help me ?


  • Not sure what you mean by matrix transformation errors, but guess you mean the errors from cartesian to delta coordinates. This happens when you move outside the reachable area, so just try to keep inside. Problem with grid measurements is that a grid must lie inside the reachable circle also you may want it outside to also cover the edges. For G32 not really needed and for G33 it would be nice but it will use border values until the edge to at least work with last known good correction if leaving the measured area.
  • ok, i will try this weekend reduce my printable area from 200mm to 180mm and place the G33 box inside the max values that i can reach ?
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    well, now i have made a lot of tweaks on firmware - max X / Y is now 180 instead 200, like max printable radius is now 90 instead 100 - so, i got a better use of my bed, i do a calibrations special into my Zprobe ( the models is that use the extruder nozzle to open the switch. so, look my new usable area : is now 80mm of diameter instead 40mm , bu i still finding a way to reach my max theorical of 180mm

  • well, atm i got only 71mm of usable radius, someone can help me find where i doing erros ?
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