First move 100mm longer after homing x max


just building a core xy. It has Maximum Endstops on x and y, Minumum on z. Homing works with the repeated slower approach.
Only problem is: after homing at the maximum x (400) my first movement command on x will travel 100 mm more to the left than expected (no matter if it is with the jog arrows or G0 or G1.) If I set parking position to 10,0, he'll land in 0,0 physically. If I want to park in 0,0 it will smash into the housing heading effekjtively for -10,0. Not Problem like this with the y axis.

Anyone an Idea, where to smash the hammer into?


  • Strange, I tried for hours, but it is quite simple; found a wrong x-Length Entry in the EEPROM Settings. Was a bit to long, and that's it. All fixed and fine
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