Updating the temperature table

I updated the temperature table on my Azteeg X3 three or four years ago.  I now need to update it again; however, i don't remember how.  I remember modifying a text file.  I've done several web searches but seem to be barking up the wrong tree.  Can anyone head me in the right direction?

Thank you.


  • This depends on your firmware and is not host dependent.

    In repetier-firmware we support user defined temperature tamples. In our config tool you can simply select user defined table and a editor will appear at the bottom to enter temperature-resistance values.
  • Thank you.  I'm almost certain it is repetier firmware.  If not, it may be Merlin.  Unfortunately, I've undergone 45 surgeries since I was last able to work with this printer.  It is all a foggy memory.

    Which config tool are you referring to?  One built into Repetier Host?

  • Thank you.
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