How to add 2nd heat bed control?

Have a  Homemade Delta Printer with a Mega2650 w/ ramps 1.4, Currently have 2 extruders with shared J-head ver.6 heater on (ramps connection 9) and a homemade heat bed with a SSR on (ramps connection 8) ad every thing works good, Would like to use (connetion 10) to power a PCB heat bed (MK2B), with pid control in the reprap smart controller, Tried adding 3rd extruder and using the heat control, With the shared heater, or mixing extruder enabled, The extruders work as desired, But pcb bed doesen't work because EXT2 is lumped in with EXT0,and EXT1, I have no individual heat control for EXT2!  When Shared heater and mixing extruder are disabled both heat beds work as desired, but extruder no longer heats up, Looking for some help with pin assignments and possibly some edits to code somewhere, Any ideas or help would be appreciated.  The project is to add a filament dryer on the side of the printer. 


  • Main problem is if you look into extruder.cpp managaTemperatures that a mixing extruder is a special case and it assumes all extruders use 1 heater from E0. You need a or condition that your special case is not mapped to extruder 0. Same might be required when you set temperature - there I think you find the same mapping.
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