Connect Teacup_Firmware on Teensy3.1 to Repetier Host

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Here is the current schematic. I worked the design to directly drive four H-Bridges plus the stepper driver for the Extruder.   

To get enough pins on the Teensy 3.1, I had to give up the second endstop on each axis, but I can now directly accept four Quadrature Encoders, and drive four DC motors.

Features included on this build:
  • Two Flex Timer Hardware controlled Quadrature Decoders (X/Y AXIS)
  • Two Hardware interrupt based Quadrature Decoders(datasheet: )
  • Four PID controlled PWM DC motor drivers (X/Y/Z1/Z2)
  • One stepper driver for the extruder
  • Three thermistor inputs (Extruder and two bed):
  • Three heater PWM drivers ( (Extruder and hot bed)
  • uSD card reader
  • I2C interface for LCD display, etc...
  • Serial Interface over USB 

So... On to Teacup_Firmware:

I've been conversing with the fine folk on the Teacup project "Traumflug", "drf5n", and  "triffid" with regards to getting the firmware to compile on my Ubuntu Linux 14.10 desktop.  

I copied his instructions verbatim..

Notice the "git co teensy3" ?   yeah... that "co" is alias for "checkout", and I checked out the teensy3 branch rather than the known-to-be-working teensy3.1 branch.

I spent a week, off and on trying to get that branch to compile and work on my Teensy3.1.   It compiled and uploaded fine, but I was not able to see the virtual serial port over USB (/dev/ttyACM0).  

I've successfully compiled the latest Teensy 3.1 branch of Teacup_Firmware as per instructions on the Reprap wiki. I'm using Ubuntu Linux 14.10.No more errors in compile using Paul's most recent teensyduino 1.21I've associated it with Arduino IDE v1.0.6, but am actually compiling with Teacup_Firmware's Makefile using the ARM toolchain supplied with Teensyduino at the commandline.

As I said, It compiles fine, and the HEX file uploads to the Teensy, but I do not get /dev/ttyACM0 on Teensy reboot. If I replace the HEX with another sketch I compiled in the Arduino IDE (any thing) I get /dev/ttyACM0 to show up.

I know about the need to initialize the virtual serial over USB by sending a string out from the Teensy. I do not see this happening in Teacup_Firmware, however I know others have been able to compile and use it successfully on the Teensy. I'm at a loss as to where to start looking.
Any guidance would be appreciated.

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