Z Probe moving in wrong Direction

My printer running 1.0 is printing fine. All motors and end stops work perfect. Just hooked up a ZProbe. When I trigger G30 the bed moves down away from the probe and throws an error. Any ideas?


  • First look into log if you see anything there. It runs the start z probe script so you could have some commands there, but the z probe moves are n negative z direction, so if decreasing Z brings bed closer to nozzle it should work in right direction.
  • This made me want to gouge my eyes out for quite some time. It seemed to happen intermittently, but the real cause was that before you set your work coordinates, the Z is sometimes in the negative value range. Simply put your bit where you want to start probing from, "reset zero," and then probe. There is some silliness about it here in a video I created: 
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