Heat heats slowly after emergency stop and reset with M999

Liebe Kollegen, 
Sometimes there is a need to emergently stop the print.  Then I reset the printer with M999. When I start heating up bed again it starts slowly with gradual increase over several minutes (see the picture). I have heated_bed_pid_max 170 and heated_bed_pid_integral_drive_max 170. 
The heater is 220V 200W thats why I am limiting it to 170. Is there a way to heat the bed as fast as it starts at the beginning of the first print?
Thank you!


  • Are you using dead time control? We have changed some things in heat manager to optimize pid with the drawback of having dead time behave a bit worse due to reduced time resolution. Sounds a bit like this problem. With V2 we hope to get back to original version or even improve it with 2 dead times for rising and cooling.
  • Thank you!
    Would you recommend using PID with heatbed and extruder until V2 is ready?
  • For heated bed I would even use bang bang but pid is also ok with right params, but sometime hard as autotune does not always work.
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