Colour changing LED dependent on temperature.

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I think it would be a great feature to be able to change the colour of and LED based on temperatures of your printer. You could do it based heated bed temperature or the print head temperature or even the build chamber temperature. That way at a glance you can easily see if the printer is operating correctly. 
For a given temperature parameter, such as printer head temp, you could select the given range above and below the desired temperature and then select the colors which should appear over that range. Eg blue at the bottom moving to green when the temp is perfect and red if it is too hot. 
I hope you decide to implement this as a feature. 


  • Using WS2812 LEDs could be nice feature. Only 3 wires and you can control many leds
  • Yes that will be nice feature.
  • It is somehow already implemented. Latest 0.92 has an event system that was designed to support exactly this. The problem here is more that there are so many combination of hardware and signals you could do use, so there is no one implemenattion. Instead you have to write your event system or copy a existing one from src/SampleEventSystems and modify it to your needs and wishes. If you have something new and usefull working, do not hesitate to send it so we can add it in the sample folder for others.
  • I tried  copy a existing event system from src/SampleEventSystems and modify, but don't work.
    Could you just put example that will work with WS2812 LEDs.

    Thank you.

  • For your feature i advice you to use SK6812 Mini led , frist it is small , second it is color correction is better than WS2812B led ,both of WS2812B and sk6812 is addressable and meet your reqeust 
  • How to control the sk6812 when it is  a RGBW Strip?
    Is Makers Tool Works RGB LED I2C control able to do that?
    And how to add the  white LED to That code? 
    Would be great to See a example form somebody who did such a implementation maybe yet!?
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