G33 P1 Probing Failed on new FLSUN Delta printer

I got my first 3D printer for christmas and assembled it. So far I have installed the USB drivers, uploaded firmware using the Arduino IDE, and managed to calibrate the X-Y-Z-E step settings. I'm following this guide, and I'm now at Step5: G33 Command.

When I run `G33 P1` the effector raises up in the air until it touches the limit switches at the tops of the rails, and taps them one by one. Then the effector descends quickly until it's nearly touching the bed, at which point it slows down. This is all good.

However, it stops descending before it even hits the bed and reports a Probing Failure. Here's a video of the printer in action so someone can see what happens. (Sorry for the shaky hand!)

My naive, novice guess is that it expects to hit the printer bed sooner, and doesn't hit it in time, so it aborts. Is that possible? If so, how do I configure the printer heights or whatever?


  • This does not sound like a host problem, but a firmware problem/misunderstanding? What firmware are you using? Docs do not seem to be for repetier-firmware.
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