Z offset (M851) with Cura slicer

Hi All,
I'm having a slight issue.  I have a BLTouch on my Reprap PRUSA i3 running Marlin 1.1.8.  For some reason when I start the print the nozzle never goes to Z=0.  I run G28 then G29 which run perfectly.  I would expect when the code executes it would use the Z=0 which the machine just ran.  Am I missing something here? Is there something that's supposed to be enabled?  Now If I go and edit the G-Code I can force the nozzle to Z=0 which seems to work but I would feel there's something in the software I'm missing?  let me know what you think.


  • Behaviour of gcodes is firmware dependent and for Marlin we are the wrong place. No idea how Marlin is supposed to work in this respect, but if a following G0 Z0 does what it supposed to do I think it is just that they do not move back to original position.
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