has anyone setup a Thermocouple with 31855 board with ramps 1.4 haven't been able to get it to work with marlin or repetier

have it wired to aux3 vin to p1,  gnd p7,  d0 p3,  cs  tried on p2 p6 an on aux2-p2,  aux3-clk p5

but always have an open heater so shuts down.

set the firmware up correct as far as i can tell don't see to much info on this setup..

Thanks for any advice..



  • For 31855 the sensor pin means the slave select pin. MISO and MOSI must be connected to the hardware MOSI and MISO (note notation switched!) of the arduino. MISO is Master In Slave Out so you need to switch these pins (at least I'm quite sure about this).
  • tried that it didn't work software thinks it disconnected

    tried two different boards and sensors don't think its that most likely it's something i can't figure out in the firmware.


  • Th eonly 31855 I have is mounted to the board so I can only say it worked when connected correctly. Can not say how the did CLK/MISO/MOSI pins. But these must be the hardware pins from AVR chip for spi communication.
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