Temperature issue Thermistors?

Using type 8 for my ramps relatively close but misleading, purchased a temp probe and meter type K leaton L812
both the thermistor and type K are attached to the hotend

reading 200 degree C on the K type means the NTC Thermistor Type 8 reads 215 degree C
Se the printer at 185 degree C for 200 Degree C  (set as type 8)  printing PLA (still no heatbed needs a 18x18)

need a way to correct for this deviation.
is there a way to set an offset in repetier to correct for this? 

home brew Corexy system 2 ramps 1.4 400x400x660+
still experimenting, going to install a Diamond eventually have to reset, re-position my XY switches 
as always suggestions are appreciated


  • Only way to correct is add a user defined thermistor table that contains the corrections and use that instead.

    Easy solution is of course to adjust filament temperatures in slicer.

    Also consider that externally measured temperatures always differ to a sensor closer to heater. There is a cooling gradient from heater to outside.
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