Pressing "print" makes nozzle smash into print bed. How do I fix it?

I have a FLSUN kossel delta printer with a z probe. When I run g28(auto home) it works great. When I run g29(bed leveling) it works fantastic. Then I press "Print" in Repetier and it auto homes to the top(as it should) then it moves downward smashing into the print bed until I press the reset button on the board.. Any help is much appreciated!


  • This is a configuration issue in your firmware. Since you use G29 it seems not repetier-firmware which uses G32 for autoleveling. In any case it measures wrong height so z=0 seems to be below bed. G1 Z10 manually and then with manual controls go down to test where bed lies to see the error distance. Then fix firmware to correct for that error. The first move by hand is important since the coordinates after homing are most likely wrong in host (need to be set manually to the z max value of firmware to work properly).
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